A functional Human Resource Management System (HRM) to help you always stay ahead in terms of productivity.

Empowering your business and the people who drive it

Hiring and managing talent or workforce to run your business is one of the biggest challenges for any business, It can be a painstaking task to maintain personal details such as health reports, cvs and analyse employee performance. With our HRM System most of these tasks are taken care of accurately in matter of seconds.

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More often than not if you rely on word , pdf and excel sheets documents and to track employee data you end up creating silos of information which only you understand. Advanced HRMS enables you to track and easily update employee data including personal information, education, work experience, health records and performance all consolidated into a utility that makes data reference very seamless.

With a consolidated source of data, HRMS Charts and Reports give you an opportunity to properly scrutinize your employees to align them towards better performance.

Be able to plan a full year for employee leaves and holidays without being short on workforce and have more transparency in attendance with employee time in and time out feature.

Apart from emails, send personalised sms notifications to employees and to new recruits, from a single message template.

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