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Alarming Statistics That Show Just How Addicted We Are To Mobile Devices.

October 17, 2017 by Anthony Ongaro

We’re using smartphones and other mobile devices more than ever before, and there is no shortage of evidence. Even anecdotally, just take a look at any place
where people have to wait: stop lights, bus stops, checkout lines, restaurants, and parks. There’s no sign that this trend is reversing, either—despite the fact that high
levels of screen time have been shown to have substantial negative effects.

  • The mere presence of your smartphone is reducing your cognitive capacity.
  • Over-dependence on smartphones leads to user stress and is correlated to psychological traits including loss of control, social interaction anxiety, and materialism.
  • There’s a strong link between the amount of time teens spend looking at screens and how sad they feel.

Along with that, who knows what issues we’ll see surface over the next decade as the technology we use is forced to become even more addictive in order to compete in today’s attention marketplace. There are some pretty alarming statistics that give you a good idea of where things are now, and where we’re headed.
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