An intranet that understands your business. Enjoy the way you work and collaborate.

An extension of your team

We help our customers create maximum value from the intelligence that sits within their organisation. We do this by giving them intranet software that’s intelligent. Software that learns their business. That’s why our customers often liken their intranet to a member of the team: one that pretty much knows everything about anything in the business.


Engage employees with tools that will improve how they work, and that they’ll actually want to use


Unlock your collective intelligence by connecting your people to people, and your people to knowledge


Empower your employees to work smarter not harder with productivity-enhancing tools


Bring together all your business platforms and applications for a truly centralized digital workplace

Intranet Features

– Tasks & Project Management
– Workload Management
– Workgroups
– Task Delegation
– Task Reports
– Report Builder
– External Users / Extranet
– Document Management

– Private & Shared Documents
– Document Collaboration
– Approval Workflows
– Group calendars
– Event Scheduler
– Absence Chart
– Meeting planner
– Records Management

– Customer Relationship Management
– Reports and Sales Funnels
– Invoices inside the CRM
– Company Structure
– Time Management
– Work Reports
– Collaboration in the Extranet
– Records Management

– Advanced Integration
– Activity Stream
– Announcements
– Photo Gallery
– Employee Workload Management
– Real Time Communications
– Instant Messenger
– Group Chat

Connect your employees across geographies and timezones

Our Intranet Portal encourages employees to network outside of their immediate teams, geographies and timezones by intelligently suggesting other users they may want to follow. Whether it’s a related area of expertise or a shared personal interest, by tracking users’ behaviours and interactions within your intranet, Interact gives you more ways of connecting your workforce and breaking down those silos that can hinder productivity.

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