14 Mar

Kenyan Domain Name and What To Look For

Importance of having a Kenyan Domain Name

Domain names in Kenya

When searching online, Kenyan internet users expect to see a Kenyan domain name for example,website addresses with a CO.KE domain name or .KE name which is a second level domain in Kenya. Whether you are an Kenyan local small business owner, a NGO or a farmer, a .CO.KE domain name is for you! With a Kenyan domain name you will rank higher in local search results and in the hearts of the locals.

A .CO.KE domain name is short, professional and memorable name that helps your website stand out in a sea of content online. Kenya is the economic and transportation hub of East Africa. It is also growing as a technological hub in EA.

What you need to know before getting a Kenyan domain name

Business are transitioning to the online platform therefore it is important to have an online presence.It is easier for buyers to get you by the click of a button.

A.co.ke domain enable you to localize your business and in the process also make it easier for clients from your country to reach you and build trust. Before getting started consider the following

  • Choose an easy to understand domain name. This will enable your clients to immediately know what product or service you are selling and if it suits their purpose
  • Think about the length of your domain name. It shouldn’t be too long . It is not easy for people to remember long names and the whole point of having a domain name is for you to be memorable. A short name can also not pass the message of your brand across. Keep this in mind while choosing your brand name
  • Consider the importance of a local domain name.Other local businesses will be more likely to link to you if you send a strong signal that you’re in the same local market by using a Kenyan domain name and local directories will be more likely to list you therefore increasing your credibility

Remember with consumers embracing the online world, it is important for them to reach you at the click of a button! Make sure your domain name is engaging, identifies with your brand and most importantly, reaches the local customer base by using a Kenyan domain!!Find your local domain name here TODAY!

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