14 May

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider, also known as MSP  is a service provided by IT companies to small and medium-sized business, and sometimes large organizations, governments and non-profits. It is applicable in instances where by the businesses do not have full-time in-house IT staff members.

A MSP either charges on an annual basis or a monthly recurring fee. There is usually a service level agreement (SLA) that is tied to the contract. The contract is well detailed with a list of all items and tasks to be included. Tasks list might include as 24×7 network monitoring of servers, desktop, laptops and endpoint devices. It will also specify other items and how they are to be fixed. It includes hours of operation such as typical Mondays to Friday’s business hours or a 24×7 support will be included in the contract. Depending on the terms and conditions spelled out in the contract the service provider may also include repairing any issues that arise, patching of devices to keep them updated and monitoring the system. www.kemnet.co.ke

MSP provides a great value for money by being proactive in fixing issues before they occur. MSP assists in optimizing the IT environment to prevent and lessen the need for regular break/fix issues. Mostly MSP provides remote services. Issues are monitored and fixed remotely using a Remote Monitoring and Management system (RMM). MSP has access to the environment and regularly monitors it and is better prepared for any emergency issues that may arise.

MSP have skilled technicians in Level 1, 2 and 3 that assist with the IT tasks and are better placed to fix arising IT issues. The MSP provides different billable rate for each technician that is assigned to work on any given issue. Businesses can benefit from the use of  MSP greatly by not having to deal with the day-to-day operation and tedious tasks are required for their IT infrastructure.


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