27 Mar

Quantum Internet

Quantum Internet tends to get people hyped up about everything attached to it. While not every quantum invention elicits a positive response. Well, in this case, mention of it, should get people excited.

What you need to know about the Q A


In the simpler terms, a quantum internet is one that uses quantum signals in place of radio waves to send vital information. The internet uses radio frequencies to connect various computers. Through a global web in which electronic signals. In a quantum internet, signals are sent via a quantum network using entangled quantum particles. Following Einstein works titled “spooky action at a distance,” entangled particles depict quantum teleportation. Which exist in a special state that allows information carried in one to be instantaneously reflected in another.
It’s unlikely that internet users will be using the quantum internet to update their social media feed. Regular internet communication is enough and doesn’t make any sense to communicate quantum mechanically.

The quantum internet is vital, at sending information securely. Through, quantum cryptography or quantum encryption, people are able to send “unhackable” information over a quantum network. Quantum cryptography uses a mechanic called quantum key distribution (QKD). This means an encrypted message and its keys are separately sent. Tampering with it causes it to be automatically destroyed, with both the sender and the receiver notified of the situation.

A quantum internet has the ability to speed up access to a working quantum computer by putting quantum computing in the cloud. A regular personal computer could transmit or access quantum-encrypted information through this cloud-based quantum computer. You could send “unhackable” emails. Users do not want to send their information classically, where it could be eavesdropped

There is a great probability of quantum internet becoming a specialized branch of the regular internet.


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