23 Oct 2021

Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things (IoT)  refers to devices that collect and transfer or transmit data through the internet. It also describes the network of physical objects instilled with sensors, software, and other technologies. It’s for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

We have IoT devices that connect wirelessly to a network and have the ability to transmit data. They are the nonstandard computing devices.

Internet of Things (IoT) makes our world to get connected together. Nowadays we almost have internet infrastructure wherever and we can use it whenever.


IoT security and privacy

With any technology, there’s the potential for good and bad. Here you would need to know what could go wrong at any given time.

Strong security is essential. Connection to the internet can open the door to cybercriminals. Cyberattacks already access data like bank logins, credit card numbers, and more.

The Internet of Things will continue to open up opportunities for new online threats. For instance always ensure that your connections stay safe and secure.

The best ways to help defend your networked devices is to make sure that your router is secure. Think of your Wi-Fi router as the front door to your online world


Example of an IoT devices.

The devices communicate with usable sensor data to users, businesses and other intended parties.

The devices can be into three main groups: consumer, enterprise and industrial.

  1. Consumer connected devices

This includes smart appliances, smart speakers, toys, wearables and smart TVs. In a smart home, for example, devices are designed to sense and respond to a person’s presence. They also tend to give you warnings in case of any and possible solutions.

  1. Enterprise IoT devices

They include, smart security, smart locks smart lighting and smart thermostats.

This are edge devices a business design use. Because they are geared towards maintaining a facility or improving operational efficiency. A good illustration would be in a boardroom meeting, where you get to have a PowerPoint presentation. This will need the lights dim and PowerPoint loads on the screen.

  1. Industrial IoT devices

The design of this devices are in use mostly in factories or other industrial environments. Here sensors used to monitor an assembly line or other manufacturing process.Ensuring that key processes are running optimally,data from various types of sensors should transmit it to monitoring applications.




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24 Mar 2021



Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers.

It occurs when an attacker, masquerading as a trusted entity, dupes a victim into opening an email, instant message, or text message.

Phishing attacks are the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source. It is usually done through email. The goal is to steal sensitive data like credit card and login information, or install malware on the victim’s machine.

Three Stages Of a Phishing Attack

Step 1: The Information (Bait)

The first of the three steps of a phishing attack is preparing the bait. This involves finding out details about the target. It can be as simple as knowing that they use a particular service or work at a particular business. If a service leaks a list of just email addresses of its users, criminals will be able to know all the owners of those email addresses. They will use that service and can target them with emails that pretend to be from that service.

In more sophisticated spear phishing attacks, cyber criminals can harvest details from your social media profiles in order to build a highly customized spear phishing message that is highly likely to convince you of its genuineness.

How to identify phishing attacks.

Glance at how your emails can be hacked.

Step 2: The Promise (Hook)

Once the attacker has acquired the necessary information to use as bait, they then need to lay out the hook. To actually make the target perform an action, the attacker needs to promise something or scare them into action.

In many scams the hook involves making the target believe that one of their accounts have been compromised. This creates a sense of urgency and making the target act quickly, perhaps without thinking. The attacker can then redirect the target to follow a link to a page where they can harvest the victim’s details.

Step 3: The Attack (Catch)

The third phase of phishing is the actual attack. The cyber criminal sends out the email, and prepares for the prey to fall for the bait.

What the attacker’s next action will be will depend on the nature of the scam. For example, if they used a landing page to gain the victim’s email password, they can then log in to the victim’s email account in order to harvest more information and start sending further phishing emails to the victim’s contacts.

Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks

Don’t give your information to an unsecured site

If the URL of the website doesn’t start with “https” do not enter any sensitive information or download files.

Know what a phishing scam looks like

There are many sites online that will keep you informed of the latest phishing attacks and their key identifiers. The earlier you find out about the latest attack methods and share them with your users through regular security awareness training, the more likely you are to avoid a potential attack.

Install firewalls

Firewalls are an effective way to prevent external attacks, acting as a shield between your computer and an attacker.

Don’t give out important information unless you must

As a general rule of thumb, unless you 100% trust the site you are on, you should not willingly give out your card information.

Need domains and hosting, Internet connection, Web solutions? Feel free to contact us anytime. Give us a call or drop us an email.


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24 Feb 2021



The internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the internet protocol suite to communicate between networks and devices. The internet provides networking, as it links computers to allow them operate interactively. It is a network of networks that share each other. It is inter-working as it can connect to different networks using intermediary devices. On the internet every device has its own unique IP address. Principles of an IP address:

  • It identifies the host,specifically its network interface
  • It provides the location of the host in the network.

Principles of an IP address is characterized as follows:

  • A name indicates what we seek.
  • An address indicates where it is.
  • A route indicates how to get there.
  • The header of each IP packet contains the IP address of the sending host, and that of the destination host.


Peering is a process by which two internet networks connect and exchange traffic. This allows direct hand of traffic between customers without having to pay a third party to carry that traffic across the Internet for them. This could involve running a circuit across town from one network’s facility to the other’s. Network operators may peer for reasons such as:

  • They have control over their traffic, in that it goes across the Internet via whatever path the transit provider decides to use.
  • It’s cheaper to hand off traffic themselves rather than paying somebody else to do it.
  • It gives greater control over their traffic flows, or allows them to better serve local populations.



Peering is typically settlements free.

We have two main types of peering, public and private peering.

Public peering, done through an Internet exchange, is more common and more efficient. An Internet exchange is an Ethernet switch in a data center, which all the networks peering in the facility connect to. A network can peer with many other networks through a single connection using an Internet exchange. Peering arrangements needs to be negotiated with each peer, but no new cabling needs to be done.
Private peering within a data center combines the two approaches. Two networks put routers in the same building, and run a direct cable between them rather, than connecting through the exchange point switch. This is most useful when the networks are exchanging a large volume of traffic, which won’t fit on a shared connection to an exchange point. This is sometimes done when the networks are exchanging a large volume of traffic, which won’t fit on a shared connection to an exchange point.

Check out our packages and feel free to contact us here.



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15 Aug 2020




What kind of user am I?

Not all broadband/internet package is created equal. With an array of super-fast fiber and standard broadband packages to choose from, there’s a lot to get to grips with when you’re looking for a product that will meet your needs.

Broadband for beginners

Starting out small and working your way up is a better bet for beginners than buying too much. If at a later date you find you need a faster, more expensive broadband product, providers will happily allow you to upgrade mid-contract.

Broadband for film and TV buffs

If you enjoy downloading HD movies or if you make extensive use of TV streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you’re classified as a heavy user. A heavy user should make sure whatever broadband package you sign up for has unlimited downloads. Nearly all packages these days do, but it’s a good idea to make sure. Heavy users may want to consider paying extra for fibre broadband. Fibre is faster than standard broadband and means you’ll be able to download movies, music and games a lot quicker. This way you’ll spend less time waiting and buffering and more time enjoying your entertainment of choice.

Broadband for families

Families are also almost certain to be heavy users, especially in homes with teenagers who’ve grown up with the web.

With four or more people in a household, all of whom are likely to be using a range of web-enabled gadgets and going online simultaneously. You’ll likely want to sign up for a fibre broadband package to ensure your connection is smooth. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for which broadband providers offer parental controls so you can keep your kids safe online. Most providers do include it as standard, but before signing up for a package, check the provider’s website.

Broadband for homeschooling students

What sets student broadband apart from other broadband packages is the contract length. The shorter contract term means students don’t have to pay for broadband during the long summer holiday, during which time they’re likely to be at home and not occupying their student digs. Be careful, though: a lot of student broadband packages include set-up fees. This pays to sit down and do the math to see whether you’re better off with a student broadband package or a cheaper, longer contract. You can find a good value homeschooling broadband deal here.

Broadband for businesses

If you run a business, you’re probably better off signing up for a broadband package that’s tailored to the needs of enterprises. Business broadband packages differ from standard consumer deals. Some include extras such as static/fixed-IPs, webspace and email addresses that feature the name of your business. They also offer business-grade security to keep sensitive information away from prying eyes. You will also get better customer support to minimize the financial impact if your connection goes down. Got a business? Find a broadband deal that’ll help you grow at our business broadband packages.

More factors you'll need to consider

Do I need internet security software?

Internet security should be a priority for everyone. With viruses able to infect computers from simply visiting nefarious sites, opening email attachments and downloading files. It’s imperative that you protect your computer and data against these attacks.

The good news is that, as with wireless routers, security suites are included in most broadband packages.

Do I need free phone calls with my broadband package?

If you use your landline, bundling your telephone and broadband packages can save you money and time. Most providers have package deals for the two. Take a look at our broadband and home phone packages site to see which deals are available in your area.

Do you need fast broadband?

With all this talk of megabits and download times, it’s sometimes easy to think that speed is the be-all and end-all in a broadband package. That’s true to a certain extent, but it’s also worth remembering that connection speeds of over 10Mbps are easily sufficient for most small households to carry out basic online activities without problems.

A broadband connection of 8Mbps will allow you to email, share pictures, watch Netflix, check Facebook and play games. Fast broadband — typically fiber-optic broadband products — appeals mainly to those who download more or less constantly and have very demanding applications.

Do I need TV with my broadband?

Opt to add TV to your broadband bundle and you’ll get a much wider choice of programmes to choose from, including movie premiers and glossy, must-see US dramas. You’ll also be able to see Premier League games live, as well as a host of other crown-jewels sports events.

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15 Jul 2020


[vc_headings borderclr=”#000000″ align=”left” title=”INTERNET USAGE IN KENYA DURING COVID-19″ titlesize=”25″ titleclr=”#000000″][/vc_headings]

Internet usage in Kenya during covid-19 has drastically grown since the pandemic hit us. Kenya recorded the first case of corona-virus infection on 12th March. Since then, the numbers have continued to grow with a total of 103 infections and three fatalities as at 30th March. In order to curb spread of the disease,  the government instituted a number of measures including;

  • border closure,
  • mandatory 14 days self-isolation for returning travelers.
  • The government has announced a stay at home campaign,
  • ordered curfews
  • and banned public gatherings of more than 10 individuals.

The internet and related technologies have proven to be essential tools in this period for implementation of the measures and citizens’ exercising economic, social and political rights. Self-isolation is enforced through monitoring of movements via mobile phone. Further, citizens’ access to information related to the pandemic from health authorities is through Internet platforms. Meanwhile, business and education institutions have adopted the internet to continue operations.

There have been several positive and supportive developments through initiatives from technology service providers. Huawei has provided connectivity bandwidth to students from universities taking some of their sponsored short courses diploma levels. Mobile network operations have also doubled the speed of their mobile internet bundles for subscribers. However, this did not translate directly to home broadband internet subscribers. At KEMNET we are home broadband service providers in Kenya, currently based in Athi River. We are consistently expanding to other parts of the country as well. We  also embrace wireless internet provision along Mombasa road, Mlolongo and Syokimau.

Internet usage in Kenya during covid-19 stand at 39.6 million, of which 22 million are broadband subscriptions currently.

Effects of covid-19 in kenya
[vc_headings borderclr=”#000000″ align=”left” title=”EFFECTS OF THE CORONA VIRUS” titlesize=”25″ titleclr=”#000000″][/vc_headings]

Nonetheless, the current COVID-19 pandemic continues to expose inequalities of internet access in the country. With the closure of universities and other learning institutions, many have endeavored to continue their semesters through online delivery. Due to uneven network distribution in the country, students who had gone back to their rural homes expressed the frustrations of accessing the online learning platforms.

During the International Women’s day chat on remote working experiences for women, participants expressed the difficulties of working from home. This included frequent power outages and Internet downtime due to increased bandwidth demand, interrupted work from time to time. This is an indicator of the fact that most Kenyans access the Internet from their workplaces and that home broadband is still a luxury for many.

The implications of some enabling tech applications as solutions to the current situation also come with privacy costs.  Zoom has been the most downloaded mobile application in the past two weeks. House Party App has also been most popular last week for social connections that have replaced physical casual meetings. However, the privacy features of these applications are a concern for digital rights.

Government efforts to manage the health crisis have also had serious implications on freedom of expression. The Computer Misuse and Cyber-crime Act 2016 is being used to arrest persons who spread controversial information on the corona virus.

Meanwhile, innovators have also worked to provide technical solutions to the pandemic. For instance,a tracing application was launched to track travelers’ commuter paths. It requires commuters to share their contacts with the public transport service providers. Although, it is not clear what privacy safeguards are in place, which emphasizes the need for the developer’s community to be sensitized to apply the principle of privacy by design.

Overall, there is a need to balance the use of technology with human rights in response to the pandemic. As countries continue putting measures in place to contain the virus, they should also consider the rights and dignity of their citizens. Otherwise, we might risk losing the rights and freedoms we had steadily gained over many years. To get our home fiber services, wireless and business internet packages, click here and friendly costs.

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10 Jul 2018

Why iOS is Better Than Android

 Reasons why iOS is better than android however entrepreneurs couldn’t  decide alone which platform to opt for i.e. which one will be more advantages to them in attracting the end users and keeping them hooked. While they leave the task of deciding it to the development companies, there are certain factors considering which can help themselves to decide the same.

The competition between the two giant platforms iOS and Android is inevitable with iOS grasping more of the market share in Australia, and other advanced countries. So, here’s a list of the core reasons behind why Apple apps are in the first place.

#1  App quality

First of all, iOS apps are more businesslike and sophisticated ones. The iOS platform provides an unparalleled experience to the users in the niches, like health, media, food-delivery, personal utilities, games, which are now the mainstays of the app industry.


#2 Win-win market statistics

Not only from the technical point of view, demographics tell us about the winning situation of the iOS apps. No doubt, both are in a neck-and-neck race, iOS users statistics are more appealing with more percentage of young-age users, greater engagement rate, more income, and greater technical skills/higher education. So, obviously, iOS users will be spending more time on an app.

#3 Agile Development speed

It has always been a prime concern for app owners that how fast their app can reach the market, iOS takes much less time. Simply put, iOS app does not have to pass through the meticulous system release cycles, called fragmentation. Android apps go through it, as they are targeted to an array of devices running on the OS, with huge differences in the screen sizes, device performance and specialities.

#4 More consumer acceptance

If you consider the revenue models of both the platforms, then definitely Android gives a stiff competition to iOS. It has a greater proportion of Ad-sponsored app while iOS apps depend primarily on the purchases. Although iOS app’s revenue relies predominantly on payments by users, they still manage to grab more revenue because of higher Indexed consumed spend.


#5 Advanced features-set of iOS devices

The features or functionalities, available on the Android devices are surely not comparable with that of iPhones and iPad. The advanced features-set of iOS devices coupled with great storage capacity and fast processing speed, take the functioning of the app to a whole new level.



Apparently, from the business perspective, if you are considering to embark on your app business, then go for iOS platform. Not only the development is less complex and will take less time to reach the market, iPhone/iPad apps are easy-to-use and run smoothly, giving users a greater satisfaction.

Rob Stephen is a hard-working senior app developer at GetAProgrammer, a visionary leader in mobile app development in Australia that offers its services worldwide including the US. He has the knack of sharing useful tips and tricks to help the aspiring app owners. GetAProgrammer maintains its own LinkedIn page and you can follow it to get more updates on app development, technology trends and other news.


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21 Dec 2017

Best E-Commerce Payment Methods For Your Web-Store In 2017

E Commerce

E-Commerce Payment Gateway or simply payment methods are the interface to your web-store that specify a secure online monetary transaction on your website. You cannot have a successful eCommerce website without payment gateways unless Cash on Delivery (COD) is a dearly popular payment method in your niche. Since COD has its disadvantages for the merchants, payment through debit cards, credits cards, online banking, or wallets have become more popular these days. Out of them, Payment through debit and credit cards is the most convenient method that customers chose these days. These payments are well regulated by the payment gateways. Therefore, in this article, I am going to enlist the top payment gateways and services that are being used by most of the eCommerce stores today. Irrespective of the which option you choose, all these options are going to give a great service and compatibility to your web-store.

1. Authorize.Net

It’s one of the oldest payment gateways being used today. No doubt an experience of more than 20 years is always going to be beneficial for your business. It offers the support for all the major online payment interfaces like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and lot more. Moreover, it does not ask you for SSL certificates to use the Payment Gateway. Authorize.Net is believed by experts to be one of the best Payment options for Magento, PrestaShop, Open-cart, and osCommerce based online stores. According to Authorize.net’s quote on its website, pricing includes a $49 setup fee, a $25 monthly gateway fee, and a 2.9% plus $0.30 per-transaction fee.

2. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most popular, secure, and reliable payment gateways. It is used by the brands across the globe. It is not just popular among the merchants but also the customers due to its purchase protection nature. Buyers can use this payment option without paying any extra cost or fee. Not just the eCommerce websites but it can also be found in various mobile apps as well. Due to its credit card rewards and flexible payment such as PayPal Credit, it is quite popular among the shoppers across the globe. Moreover, the short and seamless checkout process makes it really convenient for the users.

Most important part is its pricing for the merchants. The merchants will have to pay a per transaction fee of 3.4%+$0.30 only. There is no other cost associated, not even for setup, or any monthly payment gateway fee. The Payment option is compatible with a number of eCommerce platforms and allows various developers to use it API to develop custom PayPal payment solutions. The PayPal Direct Payment for PrestaShop is one such module, that allows your customers to pay using their debit or credit cards and you will receive their payments in your PayPal account. It makes the payment easy for all the non-PayPal users on your store.

3. Stripe

Stripe is comparatively newer than the above two options, but it is not less than any of them in terms of providing the best payment options. It is a multi-platform payment Gateway used by many types of websites and apps such as web-stores, online marketplaces, crowdfunding and much more. Because of its extremely secure and flexible APIs, it can be used with various eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart. There are custom solutions available as modules and extensions for each platform.

A simple installation and one-time configuration make it ready to be used. It supports all the popular payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and a lot more. Stripe takes a simple approach. They charge a flat fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction as long as it accounts under $1 million in volume per year. The rate may vary from country to country, but it’s always flat.It charges no setup fee or any subscription fee.

4. SecurePay

Securepay has been there for more than 15 years already. It is one of the top used payment gateways by the businesses and organizations of all sizes. It offers a deemed range of secure payment solutions such as Mobile Payments, Third-Party Shopping Cart compatibility, Customer information vault, and much more. Securepay payments provide the multiple choices such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Dinner’s club International, and Even PayPal. The straight forward and quick checkout process is one of its plus points.

Furthermore, it also offers easy and well integrated with all the major eCommerce platforms like PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart. Also, it is easily compatible with most of the checkout page solutions like PrestaShop one page checkout module.

5. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a very old player in the market and has been providing its services for more than 15 years now. It offers the services in more than 190 countries. It accepts the payments in the form of credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards as well. Because of its high flexibility, it can be integrated with various shopping cart solutions like OpenCart, PrestaShop, and Magento. Modules and extensions are easily available that allow easy integration with the eCommerce stores. The pricing structure is clearly simple and requires you to pay only 2.9%+30¢ per transaction. There are no more hidden, setup, or monthly costs associated.


There are some of the most popular payment gateways and services that you can use on your eCommerce store to provide your customers with best payment experience. All these solutions are easily compatible with the popular eCommerce solutions and there are various official and third party solutions available in the form of modules and extensions.

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20 Dec 2017

Impressive Reasons to Invest in Mobility

Mobile Apps

With the advances in mobile technology, mobile app development has become a focal point of IT business. Companies are performing most of the operations on apps and hence smartphone app development has increased in manifolds. Due to its increased usage, apps have emerged as one of the most important elements in today’s market.

As smartphones become prevalent and affordable, the app market seems to grow exponentially. Every business owner wants to be contemporary and modern and hence makes efforts to reach out to the next generation that is young and dynamic. Businesses use the mobile phone and apps as a medium to communicate effectively and efficiently with customers.

Companies now expect business to have their own dedicated mobile app. This has now become a necessity to gain a competitive edge over other businesses. Having a dedicated business app adds to the credibility of the brand. Mobile app design and development companies have been developing such feature-rich apps for over a decade now catering to the rising needs of the market. Having a dedicated application enhances the reliability of the brand. A survey shows that 52 percent of companies now have a fully implemented app strategy.

Here are various reasons which are impressive enough to motivate companies to invest in mobile application development.
Few of the reasons are ;

  1. apps are an effective social platform
  2. they increase market penetration
  3. cost-effective solution
  4. improve sales and revenue for the business
  5. real-time rich data capture
  6. provide larger younger audience and apps are very convenient for users
  7. Have high exposure hence draw attention to the potential customers quite effectively

Mobile app design and development companies have been developing such feature-rich apps for over a decade, catering to the rising needs of the market. There are several advantages of having a business app. So start your app development today considering the budget and the business objective. This is because of its high exposure; apps draw the attention of potential customers quite effectively. Hence a curious customer gets converted to a potential customer and then becomes a buyer. The transformation looks quite simple and hence business owners now demand smartphone app development for their business.

Users are getting online and this could be the new potential customers that could open new doors of opportunities for your business. Experts say that entrepreneurs want to invest in mobile app development because of several driving forces. With the increasing usage of mobile apps, wise business owners are leveraging it for interesting business benefits.

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19 Dec 2017

5 Tips To Shop Online In A Safe And Secure Way

Online Shopping

Nowadays, buying online is a big business. An increasing number of people are buying from the comfort of their homes through the world wide web. This is common in countries where e-commerce is booming. However, there are some complications. There are some cyber criminals out there who may exploit online buyers. So, you have to know a few important things before you place your first order online. Read on.

  • Stick with trusted brands It’s a good idea to stick to trusted brands only when buying online. You will get what you want at lower prices. Moreover, you will be more confident that your money won’t be at risk. However, make sure you steer clear of fake websites that lure many unsuspecting victims. So, make sure you buy from trusted brands only.
  • Use credit cards Compared to debit cards, credit cards offer more security as far as buying from the online stores is concerned. The thing is that credit card accounts are not linked to the funds available in your account. Moreover, unlike debit cards, they have a limit on how much you can spend online. In the same way, other secure payment services, such as PayPal should be used. Actually, these service act like middlemen to deliver the payment. So, your bank details are not exposed in any way.
  • Look out the padlock symbol HTTP is an online safety symbol developed by Netscape. This protocol encrypts information for privacy and protection. In majority of cases, these websites are safe. If you can’t see the symbol, the site may be treated with utmost caution. Actually, websites that feature https are safer since they use SSL for encrypting any information that is sent over the Internet like your credit card details.
  • Dodgy offers If you use the Internet on a regular basis, you may have got unbelievable offers. For instance, you may have got the opportunity to buy a product at a much lower price. Usually, scams send such offers to lure inexperienced buyers. If you don’t be careful, your device may get infected with a tiny but powerful hacking application. So, we suggest that you be careful during holiday seasons, such as Christmas.
  • Public Wi-Fi  Getting free public Wi-Fi is a great thing. You can enjoy free WiFi in many shops, cafes and restaurants. They allow you to access the Internet for free or at very low rates. However, when it comes placing orders online, it’s not a good idea to use a public WiFi. These hotspots are not as secure as your home WiFi. So, if you really want to use make an online transaction while inside a cafe or restaurant, we suggest that you use your mobile data instead of the public WiFi. It may cost a few bucks but you will stay safe. After all, security is more important but free service.

So, if you have never bought online but you want to, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article to stay on the safe side.

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18 Dec 2017

Website Recovery Services And Why You Should Consider Them

Web Recovery

Your website works as your online brand identity. It is here that your targeted audience, existing customers and potential customers come to find relevant information regarding your products or services. It means, therefore that your website needs to be up to date and as interesting as possible if at all it is to deliver conversions. There are so many things you can do to ensure that your site remains relevant to your market and your approach can also help improve rankings. But in as much as you work hard to keep your website functional and relevant, it is possible for it to get lost. There are a number of things that can lead to the loss of your website, including failing to pay for your hosting. Whereas it is possible to for you to download and recover your website from web archives, it may come with lots of errors, meaning you would still have plenty of work to do before it is up and running again. Luckily, there are professional website recovery services you can use to bring back your website just as good as it was, so you can be up and running again quickly. But what makes it a better idea to use the professionals then try to download the website yourself?

  1. The professional services will recover your site from the archive completely functional. With the assistance, you can say goodbye to the errors that call for so much of your time to fix. The professionals use the right tools to save you the dull, tedious work of making edits page by page.
  2. Recovery services are fast and easy. When you choose to download your site manually, it might mean handling page by page and file by file which can really be time consuming. You would take days to recover everything and this can have a toll on your business.
    By allowing professionals to handle the process, you can be sure to have your website back within 24 hours or less. For small sites an hour or less would be enough to download and recover the website.
  3. The service providers will let you in on what was recovered and what was not from the web archive. This means that you will quickly know of areas that need your attention in terms of improving. It saves you time of getting your website up and running again. You can also enjoy conversions so in the end you have a site that is responsive and easily editable to make necessary edits quick and easy.
  4. Site recovery services also maintain your original URL’s on the file. This way you will be able to keep your SERP ranking. With the professional assistance, you do not have to worry about losing rankings in search engines for your business.
  5. By using the services, you will not only be able to have your site pages downloaded but also videos, flash, images, CSS and Java-scripts as well.
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